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Encaustic Art by Mazarine Treyz

Favorite Encaustic Artist-Andrea Benson

Andrea Benson is a marvelous encaustic artist living in Portland, Oregon.

She was a fiber artist before she was an encaustic artist, so many of her pieces reflect that sensibility of fabric, warp and weft. I particularly love how the above piece hugs the curves of the woman in the water, and shows the delicate folds of the fabric.

I’ve met her and gone to IEA meetings with her, and she has taken the time to tell me how she creates her pieces and offer tips and suggestions. I’m so grateful for her generosity. She’s truly a treasure for the Portland Oregon artistic community. And if you want to own one of her pieces, her prices are reasonable.

One of the things I love about this piece is the way she gets the ground to look exactly like it’s being rained on. I also love the gesture of the woman covering her head in the rain.

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