Encaustic Art by Mazarine Treyz

New Encaustic Monotype


Want to see some new art I’ve been making?

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Gotta love making encaustic monotypes!

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Encaustic Artists We Love: Genevieve Larivee

I met Genevieve Larivee at the Encaustic Art Conference in June. We met near the paper table. She’s one of the few who trekked down from Canada to make art with us on Cape Cod. Check out her art. She’s been a photographer first, and now she’s working on using photos with encaustics. Her websiteContinue Reading

Encaustic Artists We Love: Jane Davies

I met Jane Davies at the Encaustic Conference and I love her work! I recently got Jane to sit down and answer a few questions for me about her art and what goes on when she makes a piece. And it gets better! Jane teaches! She says, “Take a peek at my teaching schedule http://janedaviesstudios.com/workshops/workshop-calendar.Continue Reading

Encaustic Artists We Love: Sarah Rehmer

I met Sarah Rehmer at the Encaustic Conference, and she kindly agreed to let me feature her art on this site! Here is her piece, entitled: did it cross your mind at all #1&2 2011 encaustic and paper on panels 36″ x 36″Continue Reading